Shorter Work Week

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It has come to our attention that we are not those “Spring Chickens” we might like to think we are.  With that in mind and the fact that we have worked 7 days a week for over 20 years, it’s time for a change.  If you shop with us often, you know that over the years,we have tried to take a day off during the week.  It just never seemed to work for us.  We know that we want to be at the shop when it is open.  The logical conclusion is to adjust the days we are open.

We have been blessed by the length of time our employees will work with us.  We want all our gals to have time to be with families, travel and do all the things they have dreamed of.  With two fewer days a week to be open, we will be able to have a fully staffed store to help you with all you fabric selections.

We weren’t quite as young as the picture on the left when we started, but we have spent most of our lives taking care of Creations.  It’s now time for a breather so that we can continue to work and love being at our store. Don’t panic, we have no plans to quit just yet.  We want to be able to continue to do what we love and not become the two old crabby sisters who own that quilt store!  Your experience in our shop is the most important to us and we feel we can better handle this with our new hours of operation.

You will find Creations open Tuesday – Saturday 9:30 – 5:30 and closed on Sundays and Mondays beginning Sunday, September 22nd.  We don’t want this change to cause anyone any inconvenience, so if you have shopping buddies, please pass the word for us.

Thinking about it, working 5 full days a week at our ages doesn’t REALLY count for slowing down much!  Remember, beginning Sunday, September 22nd we will be closed on Sundays and Mondays, but will be eager to see you in our shop Tuesdays – Saturdays.


Join our 42nd Anniversary Quilt Challenge “Watch for Rainbows”

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Our Rainbow Challenge Donation Quilt
Our Rainbow Challenge Donation Quilt


We are so pleased to announce that CASA will again accept the quilts from our 3rd challenge, “Watch for Rainbows”.  We thought this challenge would be so appropriate for kids in foster care.  The Rainbow is a sign of a promise. With a promise, there is hope and with hope there is a chance for change.  CASA is the organization that can take our special quilts and distribute them to the kids that need them the most.  We hope you will consider joining our challenge this year.

This zig zag quilt is one that we completed to donate.  It’s so bright and fun that we hope it will inspire you to take part in our challenge this year. (We used the challenge fabric as our binding.)

The kickoff date for the challenge is Friday, August 16th.  We will have our challenge kits ready to go on that date. The cost is $18.00 and it will have 1 yard of the challenge fabric, a possible pattern to use, the label and the entry form. Kits will be available in the shop and online until we run out.

How to Enter

As usual, there are very few rules.  Actually, we will be thrilled to have quilts any time to give to CASA, but to be eligible for our prizes, the quilts need to:

  1. Use some portion of our challenge fabric,
  2. Be accompanied by an entry form,
  3. And be turned into the shop by Tuesday, March 10th, 2020.

When is the 42nd Anniversary Quilt Challenge Show?

Our quilt show will be Friday and Saturday March 13th and 14th, 2020.  Last year we had over 400 visitors at our show.

The selection of winners in our quilt show is done by Viewers Choice.  We will have gift certificates to Creations for our top ten vote getters:

  • First Favorite: $300.00 Creations Gift Certificate
  • Second Favorite: $200.00 Creations Gift Certificate
  • Third Favorite: $100.00 Creations Gift Certificate
  • Favorites 4 – 10 will each receive a $50.00 Creations Gift Certificate

And, we like to reward the person who makes the most quilts…

The one who makes the most quilts will receive a $200.00 gift certificate to Creations.


Everyone’s a Winner

Everyone who completes a quilt, using one of our kits, and turns it in before the deadline will receive a $15.00 gift certificate to Creations. We would love to have all quilts made, but only those quilts finished from purchased kits are eligible for the $15.00 gift card.

We hope you will join in the fun and enter a quilt.  You can see videos of our past two quilt shows in blog posts below.


Challenge Quilt Kits

Rainbow Challenge Fabric
Rainbow Challenge Fabric


Our challenge kits will be very simple this year.  For the $18.00 Challenge Quilt Kit fee, you will receive one yard of this digital print rainbow fabric.  The rainbow is stretching from selvage to selvage.  The kit will also include a suggestion for a pattern that you can use or not.  There will also be the quilt label and your entry form.

  • You can do anything that inspires you.
  • Our suggested size range is: whatever size you would like to make.
  • We love the small quilts for the young kids and larger ones for kids aging out of foster care.

New this year there will be the opportunity to win a finished quilt from Creations just by entering a quilt of your own.   Everyone who enters a quilt, will have the chance to win the quilt we will give away. 

If you can’t come pick up one of our kits, we will be glad to send the Challenge Quilt Kit to you.  We will again pay the postage to get your Challenge Quilt Kit to you as long as you are in the US.


We have some other great ideas for the show, but we will tell you all about that later as it gets closer.  Right now we all need to get working on those quilts!

Creations 41st Anniversary “Power of Words” Quilt Challenge

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Our 41st Anniversary event was a tremendous success. We so appreciate all the generous quilters from across the country who gave of their time and talents to participate. It’s a special person who will make a quilt for a child they will never meet. The 145 quilts will go to CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) to distribute to children in the foster care system who have been removed from abusive homes. They will go to children in our county and surrounding counties.

We had nearly 400 people come through the show. To celebrate our anniversary, we gave a gift bag with store coupons to each person who visited the show. What other quilt show gives you a gift when you come!

The real winners of our Quilt Show are the 145 children who will receive a new quilt to call their own!

However, we did have a few prizes to award.


Most Power of Words Quilts ($200 gift certificate):

Cathy Wallace – San Antonio


The 2 winners of our drawing for Brother Scan ‘n Cut machines are:

Laura Webb – Fair Oaks Ranch

Janie Love – San Antonio


Viewers Choice Winners :

Each person was also able to vote for their 10 favorite quilts in no particular order. We tallied the votes and came up with the winners.

We awarded First, Second and Third Place for Viewers Choice. In addition, we gave prizes for places 4-10 (in no particular order). See the winning quilts, quilters and their prizes in the gallery below.

Click any photo to be taken to a slideshow of full-size images of these quilts!



The 41st Anniversary Power of Words Quilt Show Videos

We were amazed at all the beautiful quilts that these talented and generous quilters created for the children, so we’d like you to have a chance to see the whole show via videos.


Opening Day of the 41st Anniversary Power of Words Quilt Show

(A short overview of the quilt show.)


The Entire 41st Anniversary Power of Words Quilt Show

(Photos of every quilt contributed for this show.)


The 41st Anniversary Power of Words Quilt Show Special Mentions

(These quilts had special stories behind them that we want to share, like where or who they came from.)


Creations’ Crew Contributions to the 41st Anniversary Power of Words Quilt Show

(Our wonderful Creations’ staff couldn’t resist getting involved in this special project.)

New Quilt Challenge – The Power of Words

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   We had a wonderful experience with our 40th Anniversary Quilt Challenge.  We loved being able to coordinate such a giving effort on the part of all those who participated. If you don’t know about our first challenge for our 40th Anniversary, you can scroll down the posts to read about it, see the winners and actually see a video of our “quilt show” from 2018.

We have talked to many of our customers who are eager to do another challenge so we have come up with one to celebrate our 41st Anniversary.  One of the favorite quilts from last year was given by Linda Humphrey.  It was the quilt with the powerful phrases.  We all thought of the fortunate child that received that particular quilt and how much it might mean to them in years to come.  We wanted more kids to have the opportunity to own such a meaningful quilt.   With Linda’s OK to copy her idea, we have printed many of the phrases she used and added more of our own.  We might never know the true power of these phrases as a child reads them again and again.

This year all donated quilts will go to CASA of Kerrville.  When a child enters the foster care system because their home is no longer safe, a judge may appoint a “Court Appointed Special Advocate”, or CASA, volunteer to advocate for the child’s best interest.

CASA will take charge of the quilts and distribute them to the children under their supervision as well as enable smaller groups such as K’Star and Women’s Job Corp to have quilts for their clients’ children.  We are so excited to see your quilts distributed throughout our community.

To be eligible for one of the gift certificates we will be giving away, you will need to purchase our challenge kit.  It will include a fat quarter of the word fabric which has nine phrases.  The kit also includes 2 coordinating one yard pieces of fabric for inspiration, a pattern that could be used – or not- and a quilt label to sew on your completed quilt. Each kit will have the official entry form that will need to be pinned to the back of the quilt when it is returned.  The challenge kit will sell for $18.00.

  The first official day to pick up your kit will be Monday, August 27th.  If you come by that day, we will also have a complimentary fat quarter for you with purchase of your challenge kit.  

We are listing the “official” rules to be eligible for prizes, but any quilt will be accepted and appreciated:

  • Finished quilt must be at Creations before the close of business on Monday, March 11th, 2019.
  • Quilts will be on display at The Main House Friday and Saturday, March 15th and 16th, 2019
  • Prizes will be awarded by Viewer’s Choice votes.  One prize per person.  Everyone can vote once each day of the show.
  • Winners will be notified by phone on Sunday, March 17th.
  • All quilts become the property of Creations and will be given to CASA in Kerrville for distribution at their discretion.
  • Provide as many quilts as you wish, but each entry eligible for prizes requires the purchase of a “Power of Word” kit.
  • Size is your choice, but we suggest no less that 40″ or taller than 80″.  With the use of words, we are targeting a bit older child so we think the size should be appropriate. Think of a size such as 40 x 50 or 50 x 70. You choose.
  • You can use as many of the words in quilt as you like.  If you don’t want to use them on the front, use them on the back.  If you want to use more than the 9 phrases that come with the kit, additional digital print fat quarters are available for $6.50.  There are different phrases on different fat quarters.
  • Each finished quilt turned in before the deadline will receive a discount coupon from Creations for the purchase of up to 3 spools of large Aurifil cotton thread at 40% off retail.
  • If you would like to participate, but can’t come pick up your kit, we will be glad to mail it to you at our expense.
  • Gift certificates to Creations will be given as follows:  First Favorite – $300.00, Second Favorite – $200.00, Third Favorite – $150.00, and Favorites 4-10 will receive a $50.00 gift certificate each.  We will also have a $200.00 gift certificate for the individual who donates the most quilts.





Creations’ 40th Anniversary “Stir What You Got” Quilt Challenge Winners

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The results are in from Creations’ 40th Anniversary “Stir What You Got” Quilt Challenge.

The winner of the “Most Quilts Submitted” award goes to Cathy Wallace of San Antonio. Cathy contributed 5 quilts.

We asked quilt show attendees to pick their 10 favorite quilts. Prizes were awarded to the quilters whose quilts received the most votes. The winners are as follows:

1st place, $400 gift certificate: Becky Rodier – Austin, Tx

2nd place, $300 gift certificate: Joanna Willis – Kerrville, Tx

3rd place, $200 gift certificate: Tonya Norris – Yantis, Tx

4th place, $100 gift certificate: Linda Humphrey – Kerrville, Tx

5th – 10th place winners (no particular order), $40 gift certificate each:

Robbie Burns – Alpine, Tx

Jan Miles – Kerrville, Tx

Saundra Neely – Kerrville, Tx

Alice Segner – Fredericksburg, Tx

Linda Sides – San Antonio, Tx

Rhonea Woda – New Braunfels, Tx

The gallery below shows each of the quilts awarded these prizes. To see larger versions of these images, click any image and a larger slideshow will pop up.

Creations’ Viewing of the Quilts 40th Anniversary Event

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The “Viewing of the Quilts” celebrating our Creations’ 40th Anniversary “Stir What You Got” Quilt Challenge is on March 15-17, 20017. Don’t miss it!

These quilts will go to the Rainbow Room in Kerrville, Texas and will be distributed to children removed from their home environment.

We have 227 quilts in the viewing, which will all go to the Rainbow Room. 150 of these quilts were submitted as part of the “Stir What You Got” quilt challenge. The remaining quilts, weren’t part of the challenge, but were donated by the gals at Creations as well as other customer contributions.

We appreciate the overwhelming participation we received for this worthy project.

We’ve prepared 3 youtube videos so you can see all the wonderful, creative, quilts that friends and staff of Creations lovingly created for this project. If you can’t get to Creations this weekend to see them, be sure to watch these videos.

First, an overview of the entire collection of quilts:



Next, a detailed look at the 150 quilts submitted for the “Stir What You Got” Quilt Challenge by our many talented Creations’ customers:



Finally, a look at all the quilts created and donated by the gals at Creations:


Creations and the Kerr County Child Protective Services Board thank everyone who participated in our “Stir What You Got” Quilt Challenge!

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