New Quilt Challenge – The Power of Words

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   We had a wonderful experience with our 40th Anniversary Quilt Challenge.  We loved being able to coordinate such a giving effort on the part of all those who participated. If you don’t know about our first challenge for our 40th Anniversary, you can scroll down the posts to read about it, see the winners and actually see a video of our “quilt show” from 2018.

We have talked to many of our customers who are eager to do another challenge so we have come up with one to celebrate our 41st Anniversary.  One of the favorite quilts from last year was given by Linda Humphrey.  It was the quilt with the powerful phrases.  We all thought of the fortunate child that received that particular quilt and how much it might mean to them in years to come.  We wanted more kids to have the opportunity to own such a meaningful quilt.   With Linda’s OK to copy her idea, we have printed many of the phrases she used and added more of our own.  We might never know the true power of these phrases as a child reads them again and again.

This year all donated quilts will go to CASA of Kerrville.  When a child enters the foster care system because their home is no longer safe, a judge may appoint a “Court Appointed Special Advocate”, or CASA, volunteer to advocate for the child’s best interest.

CASA will take charge of the quilts and distribute them to the children under their supervision as well as enable smaller groups such as K’Star and Women’s Job Corp to have quilts for their clients’ children.  We are so excited to see your quilts distributed throughout our community.

To be eligible for one of the gift certificates we will be giving away, you will need to purchase our challenge kit.  It will include a fat quarter of the word fabric which has nine phrases.  The kit also includes 2 coordinating one yard pieces of fabric for inspiration, a pattern that could be used – or not- and a quilt label to sew on your completed quilt. Each kit will have the official entry form that will need to be pinned to the back of the quilt when it is returned.  The challenge kit will sell for $18.00.

  The first official day to pick up your kit will be Monday, August 27th.  If you come by that day, we will also have a complimentary fat quarter for you with purchase of your challenge kit.  

We are listing the “official” rules to be eligible for prizes, but any quilt will be accepted and appreciated:

  • Finished quilt must be at Creations before the close of business on Monday, March 11th, 2019.
  • Quilts will be on display at The Main House Friday and Saturday, March 15th and 16th, 2019
  • Prizes will be awarded by Viewer’s Choice votes.  One prize per person.  Everyone can vote once each day of the show.
  • Winners will be notified by phone on Sunday, March 17th.
  • All quilts become the property of Creations and will be given to CASA in Kerrville for distribution at their discretion.
  • Provide as many quilts as you wish, but each entry eligible for prizes requires the purchase of a “Power of Word” kit.
  • Size is your choice, but we suggest no less that 40″ or taller than 80″.  With the use of words, we are targeting a bit older child so we think the size should be appropriate. Think of a size such as 40 x 50 or 50 x 70. You choose.
  • You can use as many of the words in quilt as you like.  If you don’t want to use them on the front, use them on the back.  If you want to use more than the 9 phrases that come with the kit, additional digital print fat quarters are available for $6.50.  There are different phrases on different fat quarters.
  • Each finished quilt turned in before the deadline will receive a discount coupon from Creations for the purchase of up to 3 spools of large Aurifil cotton thread at 40% off retail.
  • If you would like to participate, but can’t come pick up your kit, we will be glad to mail it to you at our expense.
  • Gift certificates to Creations will be given as follows:  First Favorite – $300.00, Second Favorite – $200.00, Third Favorite – $150.00, and Favorites 4-10 will receive a $50.00 gift certificate each.  We will also have a $200.00 gift certificate for the individual who donates the most quilts.





Creations’ 40th Anniversary “Stir What You Got” Quilt Challenge Winners

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The results are in from Creations’ 40th Anniversary “Stir What You Got” Quilt Challenge.

The winner of the “Most Quilts Submitted” award goes to Cathy Wallace of San Antonio. Cathy contributed 5 quilts.

We asked quilt show attendees to pick their 10 favorite quilts. Prizes were awarded to the quilters whose quilts received the most votes. The winners are as follows:

1st place, $400 gift certificate: Becky Rodier – Austin, Tx

2nd place, $300 gift certificate: Joanna Willis – Kerrville, Tx

3rd place, $200 gift certificate: Tonya Norris – Yantis, Tx

4th place, $100 gift certificate: Linda Humphrey – Kerrville, Tx

5th – 10th place winners (no particular order), $40 gift certificate each:

Robbie Burns – Alpine, Tx

Jan Miles – Kerrville, Tx

Saundra Neely – Kerrville, Tx

Alice Segner – Fredericksburg, Tx

Linda Sides – San Antonio, Tx

Rhonea Woda – New Braunfels, Tx

The gallery below shows each of the quilts awarded these prizes. To see larger versions of these images, click any image and a larger slideshow will pop up.

Creations’ Viewing of the Quilts 40th Anniversary Event

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The “Viewing of the Quilts” celebrating our Creations’ 40th Anniversary “Stir What You Got” Quilt Challenge is on March 15-17, 20017. Don’t miss it!

These quilts will go to the Rainbow Room in Kerrville, Texas and will be distributed to children removed from their home environment.

We have 227 quilts in the viewing, which will all go to the Rainbow Room. 150 of these quilts were submitted as part of the “Stir What You Got” quilt challenge. The remaining quilts, weren’t part of the challenge, but were donated by the gals at Creations as well as other customer contributions.

We appreciate the overwhelming participation we received for this worthy project.

We’ve prepared 3 youtube videos so you can see all the wonderful, creative, quilts that friends and staff of Creations lovingly created for this project. If you can’t get to Creations this weekend to see them, be sure to watch these videos.

First, an overview of the entire collection of quilts:



Next, a detailed look at the 150 quilts submitted for the “Stir What You Got” Quilt Challenge by our many talented Creations’ customers:



Finally, a look at all the quilts created and donated by the gals at Creations:


Creations and the Kerr County Child Protective Services Board thank everyone who participated in our “Stir What You Got” Quilt Challenge!

40th Anniversary “Stir what you got” quilt challenge

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Three yard strip bundles
Three yard strip bundles

What could be a better way to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Creations than with a quilt challenge.  This challenge has very few rules, only one category, and all quilts will be donated to the Rainbow Room here in Kerrville which will aid children removed from their home environment. Our “Stir What You Got” quilt challenge begins August 6th with the purchase of any of our 3 yard strip rolls.  You will have until March 12th, 2018 to turn in your finished quilt. Our 40th Anniversary event is March 15th – 17th, 2018.

Creations opened in 1978 as a “fabric” shop as quilting just wasn’t very important.  The only “quilting” fabrics around were those small VIP calico prints that had been available for years. It was in the early 1980’s that the rotary cutter, ruler and mat were created and that changed everything.  Quilting took off, became more than a “granny” hobby, and has been growing ever since.   We have seen so many changes and loved being part of it.

The one thing common among quilters is that they love to give away their quilts.  Making a quilt for someone else seems to be the core of our industry. To help celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we will be holding our “Stir what you got” challenge.  We are going to give you the chance to make quilts for someone else, use your creativity and maybe even win a gift certificate to Creations.

First, how did our challenge get this name?  One of our favorite people was Dr Andrew Edington, a bible scholar, speaker, and President of Schreiner University when it was a boys high school and Junior college.  Now that can give you a marker as to how old we are!   Anyway, Dr. E (as we called him) loved his sweets.  He was from Alabama, and they know all about sweet tea in that state.  It’s a little tea with lots of sugar.  During one of his travels, he stopped at a local diner, and proceeded to use all the sugar bags at the table in his iced tea.  When he asked the waitress for additional sugar, she looked at all the empty bags and told him to “Stir what you Got”!   Over the years this has become one of our favorite mantras.

To participate in our challenge, you will need to purchase one of our sale 3 yard rolls of strips.  These are loosely coordinating strips in various widths to total 3 yards.  Each time you purchase one between August 6th, 2017 and March 10th, 2018, you will receive the official entry form.  Hold on to this form as it must accompany your entry.  Use the strip set as the beginning of your quilt.  Use the strips on the front, back, or binding.  You can use any amount of strips and combine them with any other fabric.  Complete a quilt no smaller than 30″ x 40″ or larger than 50″ x 70″.  (We aren’t strict about these sizes, they are just guidelines.) Turn it in before the close of business on Monday, March 12th, 2018. All quilts will become the property of Creations and all will be donated to The Rainbow Room in Kerrville.

In 2016, there were 337 child neglect or abuse cases in Kerr County alone.  The Rainbow Room is a “store like” place where thru donations caseworkers are able to get new items for the children they are helping.  Won’t it be wonderful when they will be able to find a special quilt for a child in need.  The Rainbow Room services children of all ages, so your quilt will find a child that needs it.  The Rainbow Room in Kerrville services only children in Kerr County so you know exactly where your quilt will go.  The items available at The Rainbow Room include essentials such as diapers, school supplies, hygiene products, and with our help, quilts!  All of the items in the Rainbow Room are new and are either donated or purchased with money donated.   Such a direct need and we have the opportunity to use our talents to help.

We also will have some great prizes as our thank you for participating.  The winners of our quilt challenge will be decided by viewer’s choice votes only.  All quilts turned will be displayed at The Main House, our retreat center just across our parking lot, during our 40th Anniversary celebration, March 15th – 17th, 2018.  You will have the opportunity to come by and place your vote for your favorite. You can vote once each day!  All prizes will be gift certificates to Creations.  First Place:  $400.00 gift certificate,  2nd – $300.00 gift certificate, 3rd – $200.00 gift certificate, 4th – $100.00 gift certificate.  The next 5 – 10 spots will each receive a $40.00 gift certificate.  The one who turns in the most finished quilts will receive a $200.00 gift certificate to Creations. Everyone who turns in a quilt will receive a coupon for a 40% discount on one package of batting, any size!  Winners will be notified by phone on Sunday, March 18th, 2018.

If you have been avoiding entering quilting challenge because you don’t think your skills are “good enough”, then this is the quilt challenge for you. There are not critiques, just grateful kids.  Join us in the fun project, maybe win something, and feel great about donating your talents.   The prizes are fun, but everyone is a winner when we help a child in need.  We will accept any quilts turned in, but only those with our official entry form attached will be eligible for the gift certificate prizes.

If you are not able to get to our shop, but would like to participate, just give us a call at 830-896-8088 and we will send you a strip roll.  We’ll even pay the postage to get it to you!!

Warehouse Sale Video Preview

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We hope you enjoy our video preview of many of the goodies in Creations’ 39th Anniversary Warehouse Sale to be held on March 31st and April 1st. (If you don’t like the music, or it is too loud, just click the speaker button at the bottom of the video to change the audio volume. There is no narration, so you won’t miss anything.)

Remember – the sale dates are  this coming Friday and Saturday – you don’t want to miss it!

Check out our last 4 blog posts below for all of the details.
There is still time to “reserve” your spot as one of the first people in line. Just visit the “Our Anniversary Event” post below to find out how to do that.

Great Stuff at our Anniversary Event, March 31st and April 1st

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We are getting excited as our 39th Anniversary event is getting closer.  It won’t be long until March 31st.

Quilts and Antiques
Quilts and Antiques

You might be wondering if it will be “worth it” to make that donation to The Humane Society to secure yourself a spot in the first 100.  These pictures will convince you.  We know that not everyone who wants to pledge will be able to make that first 100, so be sure you know what to do.  Scroll down from this post and read our post entitled “Our Anniversary Warehouse Event”.  This will give you the details.  You will know when we will begin accepting pledges, and how they are to be made so that we can be fair to everyone.

In a nutshell, to get your spot in line, we will take e-mail only pledges beginning Monday, March 13th at 7am.  Just e-mail saying you want to be one of the first 50 and we will hold your spot. (  After the first 50 spots are reserved, we will take 50 more spots for $30.00.  Spots will be assigned by the time stamp they are received on MY computer.  When the sale opens to everyone, we will limit the number in at one time to comply with the building occupancy.  Reservations for your spot in line will only be for Friday, March 31st.  Each person pledging will have to send an individual e-mail.  We won’t take multiple names on one e-mail. We will notify you of your spot in line.

Be sure and read the first post to get all the details of how this is going to work.  There is no sense in repeating everything.  We would rather show you more of the “great stuff” we are offering.

If you don’t like crowds, we might suggest you plan to come on Saturday.  There will still be great fabrics and plenty of stuff.  You might even find a few cheaper prices.  Be prepared for a crowd, lots of fun, and some great bargains.


Batik quilts and fabrics
Batik quilts and fabrics


We have been crazy for batiks for over 30 years.  We always have quilts in the shop made from batiks.  We have 12 batik quilts in the sale.  We also have batik fat quarter packs of 20 for $39.00. (In the shop, packs of 20 are $70.00.) There are batik strip packs of 40 – 2 1/2″ strips from Hoffman.  These won’t last long marked down from $42.98 to $15.00.

We have a limited number of 1 yard cuts of batik.  These fabrics are $11.98 in the shop, but these cuts will be $4.99 at our sale.



Horn Chairs
Horn Chairs

We have 25 Horn chairs that were used in The Main House for just over a year.  New Deluxe Horn chairs retail over $300.00  We have them for  $95.00.  To be fair to everyone, they will be limited to one per FAMILY.  You can’t bring your hubby in to claim an extra one for you.  We want everyone to have a chance.  We even have 3 chairs that are still in the box.  These are completely new, but you will have to put them together.

If you are a fabric hound, we will have 3yd cuts for $13.99.  The original price is $36.00 for 3yd cuts.  We also have 1 yd cuts for $4.99.  These prices are originally up to $12.00 per yard. If you want to pick individual fat quarters, you will find them at the sale for $1.50 each.

You will love our fabric strip sets if you like variety.  We have taken strips from the end of the bolt, coordinated them into bundles of 3 yards.  These will be $15.00.  Great buy for charity quilts, applique, or just to add to your stash.

Pizza Boxes
Pizza Boxes

If you love a bargain and a surprise, then our Creations’ Pizza Boxes are for you.  First of all, you will get one of the last remaining boxes with our logo.  These are great for keeping blocks flat and projects together.

These boxes are filled with books, patterns, fabrics, finished items, and notions.  We have determined that the retail value of each one approaches $100.00.  We have 39 of these boxes and they will be only $25.00.

They are tied, so you won’t know what you have until you own it.  If you have ever gotten one of Creations’ “surprise” boxes, then you will know that it is a pleasant surprise.


We want this experience to be fun for everyone. When you get here, remember, no pushing, no shoving and no grabbing.  After all it’s only “stuff”.



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