Creative Machine Classes at Creations

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Make this wallet using your embroidery machine
Make this wallet using your embroidery machine

We have managed to get ourselves a spot at The Main House to have two embroidery classes.

Join us on either Wednesday, January 4th or Thursday, January 5th for this one day class.  We will construct Rita’s Wallet on the Embroidery machine.  You will need an embroidery machine with a hoop size of at least 8″ to be able to make this bag.

If you have a Brother Dream Weaver or Dream Creator you can upgrade to an 8″ hoop. We can upgrade your machine for you.    This class would certainly be reason enough to do that.

The class fee is $60.00 and includes lunch at The Main House. The Wallet design is $35.00 and the fabric requirements are minimal.   We have the frames needed to complete it.  We also have the RFID fabric to make your wallet a very safe place to keep your credit cards. We will have the complete supply list at the time of registration.

Give us a call at 830-896-8088 to get your spot in either of these classes. Ask for Kathy, Julie or Elaine.   The doors open at 9am and class begins at 10:00.  As usual, Elaine and Kathy will be the instructors so there will be lots of help.

Our plan is to complete one wallet together in the morning and let you at least get started on your second one after lunch.  This is such a fun project that you won’t be able to stop with just one or two.



Wool Resides Here

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Wool applique on cotton
Wool Applique Quilt Kit

We have always loved wool and have carried it in our shop for all of our 39 years.  Now we admit that in the early years, it was yardage that we used for garment construction. We still have wool yardage, but it has been felted to use as backgrounds for applique, although it would be a great vest or jacket.

We have a wonderful selection of hand dyed wool.  We carry wool from Blackberry Primitives, Primitive Gatherings, Wooly Lady and Mary Flannagan.

Since hand dyed wool is expensive and you usually need small pieces for applique, you will find all kinds of sizes in our shop.  We have, of course, fat quarters.  That often is too much of a good thing so we have many smaller sizes.  You can find our rolls that are approx 7″ x 16″.  We then have pieces that are approximately 7″ x 8″.  Even those sizes can be too large so we have 5″ charm squares and even 3″ squares.  All of these can be individually purchased as well as some pre-packs.

We are often asked for the difference between “wool felt” and “felted wool”.  You will find only “felted wool” in our shop. Felted wool starts as a piece of wool fabric and then is washed and dried with heat to cause it to shrink.  Wool felt is a felt made with wool fibers, but it was never a piece of fabric. Wool felt is made from compressed fibers, that create the felt.  Wool felt is much stiffer than felted wool.  Rayon fibers are added to the wool felt to make it somewhat softer.  Wool felt is less expensive than felted wool.

Wool in pre-cut sizes
Wool in all sizes

Our felted wool has been hand dyed and laundered to make it ready for applique or rug hooking. It is much softer and thicker than wool felt.   We are a great source for all those small pieces to add to your wool stash.  We even have a package of wool called “Squares and Rectangles” which include small pieces of lots of colors. This is a real value for wool applique.

If you would like to take a look at our wool selection online, you can see it all at Wool Stuff.  If you would like to order the pictured quilt kit, you can go directly to Beauty All Around Quilt Kit.

We love wool and hope you will want to give it a try or enjoy adding to your selection.

We are excited to have coming a 60 color selection of wool thread from Sue Spargo.  We love to use wool thread for wool applique.  It blends into the wool with a whip stitch so that it is almost invisible.  You can then add all the embellishment stitches you would like.  The very best news is that these spools will contain 70 yards of thread.  The price will allow you to have a great selection of colors and not have to purchase the large spools that have nearly 400 yards and a price to match.  This thread won’t be in until late November, but we are already making room and will put it on line when we get it.


The World of Thread

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Thread selection at Creations
A great selection of threads is available at Creations

One of the most intriguing and often confusing aspects of quilting is the selection of thread.  There are so many different weights of thread and there doesn’t seem to be “just plain sewing thread” anymore.

We always tell our customers to buy the best quality thread they can afford for their sewing machine. It makes such a difference in the quality of the stitch as well as how much lint is deposited inside the machine.

Our selection of thread has grown tremendously over the years.  We now carry weights of thread from 12 to 100.

The lower the number the thicker the thread.  The thicker the thread the more “showy” it will be.  Twelve weight thread is the thickest thread that will easily sew in a machine as long as you use a 100 Topstitch needle.

The higher the number the thinner the thread.  The less you want your thread to show, the higher the number you will select.  Our 100 wt called Invisifil from Wonderfil is such a fine thin thread it is great for quilting if you don’t want your stitches to show.  We use it to “stitch-in-the-ditch” to anchor quilts. We use it for applique if we don’t want the thread to be important.  Any size needle will work with this thread.  We recommend a 70 Microtex for applique because you don’t need the needle to poke a large hole for the thread to pass through.

For decorative stitching we recommend a 12 weight thread using a 100 Topstitch needle.  We use a lighter thread in the bobbin and recommend Metrosene 50wt cotton.  Metrosene is a thick 50wt thread so it will help hold down the top thread.  We always loosen the to tension to “1” for 12 weight thread.

Threads at Creations
Threads for embroidery, applique and quilting

I must brag on our Brother machines as they make the decorative stitching such a breeze.  We always have a cheat sheet for our customers for working with heavy threads or metallic threads. With a few hints, we all have had great success with all kinds of threads.

One of the best new notions to come along is the Thread Director.  This “gadget” sits on top of the bobbin winder and allows these decorative threads to come off the spool horizontally.  This keeps the threads from twisting.  We always recommend this for metallic threads, but have also used it for 12 wt threads.

You can see this wonderful tool online at Thread Director.  The only thing I have found is that the spool cap end is VERY tight.  You will probably need to put a screwdriver  in the cap end and twist it so that it will fit easily on the spindle.  Other than that, it’s a GREAT tool.

If you want to talk threads, needles or tension, drop by the shop and chat with Kathy….she loves that stuff!


Fabric Collage from Fiberworks

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Laura Heine Fiberworks
Fabric Collage from Fiberworks

We have had such fun with the Fiberworks patterns by Laura Heine.  If you have ever wanted to try fabric collage these are great patterns.

Laura Heine has designed some great patterns to use with her fabric collage techniques.  If you love dogs, cats, pigs, horses, old cars, owls or even foxes you will be in luck with her patterns.

Laura gives you the basic techniques and then sets you free to use your own creativity along with your selection of fabrics to cut and fuse your way to a collage work of art.

We did Cora, the common owl, as our model.  She is one of the smaller patterns so the project seemed more attainable. If you are unsure of your fabric choices, we have made a kit for Cora with the same fabrics we used in our model.  There are good pictures so you can see the fabric placement.

Visit our website at Fiberworks to order the kit for Cora or any of Laura’s other patterns. You will also find a great little book to order with lots more detail about fabric collage than just the pattern.



Fiberworks Oh Deer
Oh Deer by Fiberworks
Fiberworks giraffe
Potpourri Giraffe by Fiberworks
Fiberworks Freida
Freida by Fiberworks
These are just a few of the Fiberworks patterns we offer online.  Be sure and check them out on our Fiberworks Patterns page.


Shannon Martin Cards at Creations

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Shannon Martin Card
Be Yourself

When you visit the shop you expect to find lots of great fabrics and notions, but it’s always the unexpected that makes a trip to Creations fun.

Tucked behind one of our displays you will find our Shannon Martin cards.  Whenever we hear laughter coming from this part of the shop we know someone is enjoying the cards.

Although the birthday cards are the majority of our selection, we also have great cards for retirement, sympathy, and encouragement.

Next time you are in the shop, hope you will enjoy a cup of coffee and take time to look at these cards.  If a visit is not possible in the near future, or you just need a few minutes break, we have over 70 cards online.  You can see them at Shannon Martin Greeting cards.

The “Be Yourself.  Everyone else is already taken.” is one of our favorites.  We have included a few other favorites so that you can get a feel for these cards.  The pictures on the cards remind us of family members…know you will see some of your relatives too.

Each of these cards has great captions with great pictures.  Know you will love to see them all.

Row by Row winner at Creations

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We have a winner at Creations in the Row by Row summer shop hop.

Sheri Sweet is our winner.  This gal gets around.  Her rows were from as far away as Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Sheri got a great pack of 25 bright batik  fat quarters.

If you haven’t been collecting your free patterns at quilt shops across the United States, there is plenty of time as the hop continues through September 6th.  Hope you will be able to stop by.  If you would like to see our row, you can check it out at “Home is where your fabric is“.

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