Exploring Color, Texture and Curves

August 21st, 2015

Louisa Smith is returning to The Main House, October 4th - 7th, 2015.

blog-louisa-ovals.jpgNow here is a WOW quilt. Louisa will help you work on one with just as much WOW power. This is from the Double Vision concept and consists of a bottom layer and then additional layers on top. The more layers, the more depth of the quilt.

Louisa loves silk dupioni because of the rich colors and texture. This fabric is often used for the top layers.

louisa-curves-2.jpg The concept of the Fractured Curves is using two quilt tops that will ultimately be combined.   The fabric selection in this quilt is of paramount importance as there needs to be contrast and interest between the panels of one quilt top, but the colors must relate to the second quilt top.louisa-work-in-progress.jpg  The layers get “fractured” by cutting them into strips.  They are then reassembled by combining the two sets.

Whichever of these two techniques you choose to use in Louisa’s class, there will be a wonderful explosion of color and laughter.  Louisa is known for both.

We hope you will join us October 4th - 7th at The Main House for our final retreat of 2015.  Your registration fee of $595.00 includes the class, 9 meals, 3 nights lodging at The Main House and early morning private shopping at Creations.  You can also attend as a day student for $445.00 which will include everything except the lodging.

You can register on line at Louisa’s Retreat or give us a call at 830-896-8088 and ask for Julie.

Master Your Machines with Classes at Creations

August 18th, 2015

We are offering a variety of classes for you and your Brother sewing or embroidery machine as well as your Scan ‘n Cut.  We know you will have a great day with like-minded people enjoying creative techniques.  Our classes take place at The Main House, our retreat center just across our parking lot.  We serve you a great lunch along with the class. There are two instructors and 6 hours of hands on stitching in each class. The fee for each class is $80.00.  If  you purchased your machine from Creations, we will have a $20.00 gift card for you at the end of the class.   Give us a call at 830-896-8088 and we can get you registered as we have a limited number in each class.  We will have a supply list for each class upon registration.

Circular Sewing Device and Decorative Stitches 

Wednesday, Sept. 30th   

 10:00am - 4:00pm                               

Class Fee  $80.00 includes class with 2 instructors and lunchpicture1-circular-sewing.jpgblog-circular-brown.jpgblog-circular-dark.jpg

Creations has a $20.00 gift card for you if you bought your machine from us.

You will have to purchase a circular sewing device if you don’t own one. It retails for $119.00 and comes with two extra feet that we will use with decorative threads. If you need this attachment, be sure and register early so we can be sure we have one for you.

You will learn how to work with heavy decorative threads as well as metallic threads.  We will also learn the technique of bobbin work.  All of these techniques will be done while sewing in a circle….that’s what makes it fun!

The supply list will be available upon registration.

  Scan ‘n Cut and The Texas Horned Toad

Thursday, Oct. 1st            

10:00am - 4:00pm

Class Fee $80.00 includes class with 2 instructors and lunch

If you bought your Scan ‘n Cut from Creations, we will have a $20.00 gift card for you at the end of class.

The Brother Scan ‘n Cut is one of the most useful and fun machines to come along in quite a while.  This machine can cut out applique shapes for you.  The tedious job is done in a cinch.  We want to be sure everyone is getting the most from their machine.

susan-cranshaw-brother-scan-and-cut.jpgsusan-cranshaw-horned-toad.jpgWe will be using the Horned Toad pattern from Susan Cranshaw to understand how to scan in a pattern, group items and cut multiples at one time.  If you have ever tried one of the Desert Series patterns from Susan, you will love how quickly your Scan ‘n Cut can cut for you.

We will have fabric kits availabe for this class at $12.00 each.  Pattern sold separately.  Supply list available at registration.


Wednesday, Nov. 4th  10:00am - 4:00pm

Class Fee  $80.00 includes all day class with 2 instructors and lunch


If you bought your Dream Machine from Creations, we will have a $20.00 gift card for you at the end of the class.

We want to share some of the features that are so easy to use on The Dream Machine.  We will concentrate on features that are exclusive to The Dream Machine. We will scan in a drawing to create redwork and see how your machine can help you with your quilting.

Threads –  Thick, Thin and Troublesome

Thursday, November 5th

10:00am - 4:00pm

Class Fee  $80.00 includes class with 2 instructors and lunchblog-metallic.jpgblog-small-writing.jpg

If you purchased your machine from Creations, we will have a $20.00 gift card for you at the end of class.

In this class, we will work with metallic threads to see how easy they are to use if you just have the right set up.  We will also create a quilt label so you can learn the correct set up for small readable writing.  If you like the idea of using your embroidery machine to duplicate hand stitchery, then you will want to learn how to work with thick threads.  Any level of embroidery machine will work for this class as long as you have on-screen edit.

Supply list available upon registration.

We hope you will find some of these classes are just what you are looking for.  Give us a call at 830-896-8088 and we can get you registered.  Our space is limited so be sure and get your spot as Elaine and I would love to have you in our classes.


San Antonio Quilt Guild Show - Star Gazing

August 15th, 2015

Friday and Saturday, September 25th and 26th, 2015.

san-antonio-quilt-guid-sow-2015-300.jpg   The San Antonio Quilt Guild’s show, Star Gazing, will be held September, 25th and 26th.  It will be held at the San Antonio Event Center, 410 W. Marbach in San Antonio.  Doors open at 9 am and close at 5pm both days.

You will find over 300 quilts and 40 vendors to inspire you. The show will include both traditional and art quilts in all sizes.

The quilt pictured here is their donation quilt. It measures 85″ x 105″. It has been hand appliqued and machine quilted.   You can see this beautiful quilt and purchase tickets at Creations on Saturday, September 5th.

If you come by the shop on Saturday, September 5th and purchase tickets, we will have a special gift for you from Creations.  This is a great chance to visit the shop,  help support the guild’s efforts, and receive a gift.  Hope you will mark your calendar and come by.

Row by Row Winner

July 25th, 2015

We are thrilled to have a winner in our shop.  Irene Murrell from Driftwood brought in her quilt.  blog-winner-row-by-row.jpg One of the most fun things about our winner is that she was here with the Kyle Quilters on a retreat at The Main House.

Irene’s 8 rows were from:

Oak Leaf Quilts  –  New Braunfels, Texas

Uptown Blanco Textile Studio – Blanco, Texas

B & B Quilting  –  Buda, Texas

Valli & Kim  –  Dripping Springs, Texas

A Quilter’s Folly  –  Austin, Texas

Wimberly Stitch Studio  –  Wimberly, Texas

Creations  –  Kerrville, Texas

Quilt Haus  –  New Braunfels, Texasblog-250-group.jpg

The group from Kyle was here for 3 days at The Main House and little did we know that Irene was busily working to finish her Row by Row quilt.

It was late in the afternoon and Irene realized she didn’t have any binding to finish her quilt.  One of her quilting buddies just happened to have a little fabric.  Irene completed her quilt, finished the binding, added the label and got her prize of 25 fat quarters.  Since our block was in her quilt, she also received a $50.00 gift certificate to Creations.  Congratulations to Irene and many thanks for all that encouragement by her buddies….

“It’s what Quilters do”!!

Along comes a notion….or two!

June 13th, 2015

Once in a great while, a wonderful new notion comes along. This time we actually have 2 fabulous ones. We all have lots of useful tools but, we know you will love both of these new gadgets.

bobbin-buddie-blog-300.jpgThis looks like a pretty simple little plastic thing. It is, but it really fixes an issue anyone who uses threads and bobbins has run into. It’s always a struggle to keep your bobbin and spool of thread together. With the funky little “Bobbin Buddie” it is no longer an issue.

Squeeze the open ends together and stick them thru your bobbin.  Wrap the loose end of the bobbin thread around the”bobbin buddie”.  Squeeze the open ends of the “Bobbin Buddie” and stick them into your spool of thread.  They will expand to fit any thread opening.

bobbin-buddie-in-use-300.jpgIf you don’t have a way to keep the thread on your spool from coming unwound,  bring the loose end of thread up and around the “bobbin buddie”.  This will keep everything neat and tidy.

The first 100 we received were purchased by one customer.  The next 100 we received was split by two customers.  We now have plenty of them in stock.  We have them in bags of 20 for $7.99.  You can find the Bobbin Buddie on our website under Notions.  To go directly to the Bobbin Buddie page click here.

The Thread Director is a thread stand that attaches right to your bobbin winder or an upright spool pin on your machine.  We have waited for years for someone to “invent” this wonderful helper.  If you use metallic threads, you need this one.

thread-director-illustration-300.jpgThis illustration shows how this goes on your upright thread spool or bobbin winder.  The Thread Director allows your difficult threads to come off the spool evenly so they don’t twist like a garden hose.

Thread will feed off smoothly so now all those embroidery projects and decorative sewing techniques that call for metallic thread will be a breeze.  The Thread Director sells for $24.99.  You can find it on our website under the Notions. To go directly to the Thread Director page, click here.

Brother Scan ‘n Cut

June 1st, 2015

susan-cranshaw-brother-scan-and-cut.jpgBrother introduced the Scan ‘n Cut less than two years ago and it has become one of our favorite “toys”.

It is the very best for cutting applique pieces because you can cut any shape you can draw or scan in. You are not limited by what designs are in the machine.  You don’t have to have a computer program to get designs and shapes into the machine.

The Texas Horned Toad pictured on the bed of my Scan ‘n Cut is a wonderful little creature that we remember in abundance when we were kids.  The Scan ‘n Cut has made this an easy applique to do even though there are 13 pieces to be cut for each toad. No one can cut just one and that’s where the time saving really comes in.  Toads two - infinity only take a few minutes to cut.  We offer a class called Scan ‘n Cut and the Texas Horned Toad.  Look for it again this fall.

Brother has released an update to the Scan ‘n Cut.  Version 1.32 is available.  It has some great new features and the best part is that it is free.  If you purchased your Scan ‘n Cut from Creations, you can bring in your machine and we will gladly upgrade it for you.  If you have another dealer, I know they will want to help you get this upgrade.

It now has an “undo” button…just in case.  It also zooms in to 200 or 400% and you can move the designs in the zoom mode.  Those are such great helpful features.

The very best new feature works if you own a Brother color screen embroidery machine.  You can put any machine embroidery applique design into your machine and use the color editor to tell your Scan ‘n Cut which parts to cut.  Sounds like magic, but it easier than a magic trick.  We’ll show you when we upgrade your Scan ‘n Cut.

Bird of Paradise Machine Embroidery

May 4th, 2015

blog-bird-of-paradise.jpgIf you haven’t been by the shop lately, you will want to stop and take a close look at the marvelous quilt.

It was made by Elaine Granstrom of Leakey. She did it on her Quattro Brother Embroidery machine.   It could be done on any embroidery machine with at least and 8 x 12 hoop size, but the Brother made it so much easier with the use of the built in camera.  She was able to see where her placement was actually going to be.

Now I am not saying this is immediate gratification, but Elaine stuck to it and made this incredible quilt.  The quilting, by Serena Manning, is just the finishing touch. We are so proud to be able to display this piece…. Come check it out and let us help you get started on yours.  To order the Bird of Paradise Embroidery Cd, click here.

Gardenvale by Jen Kingwell is here

May 4th, 2015

blog-gardenvale.jpgWe loved this collection of fabrics when we first looked many months ago.  Now it is finally in the shop.

Gardenvale, by Jen Kingwell is a Moda collection that is vintage prints mixed with a modern twist.  Jen is an Australian designer who has a fun line of patterns that require lots of prints to give them the scrappy look.

We have made several things from this new group.  The wall hanging or table topper is from an old pattern book, but these fabrics make it new again.  We have the complete collection of these prints, so be sure and take a look next time you are in the shop.

To see the entire line, click here.

Let your embroidery machine work for you!!

November 9th, 2014

blog-santa-2.jpgChristmas will be here very quickly and you just might not have time to do this project by hand.  Not to worry as you can now do this on your embroidery machine.

Bird Brain, which is a company that has produced darling hand stitchery patterns for years, is now having their patterns digitized for the embroidery machine.  They are multi format so they will work with most machines.  You can visit our website www.creations-online.com and go to the Machine Embroidery area and see lots of other designs as well.

When you purchase a CD, we will give you our suggestion sheet to help you have a successful experience.

Domino will be remembered

July 27th, 2014

domio-250-with-fabric.jpgNext time you visit Creations, you won’t find our “official greeter”.

domino-as-a-kitten.jpgDomino had been here all of her 14 years and she will be missed. She appeared outside of the shop as a kitten.  She had that hair that stood up and those distinct polka dots. Domino was the name she got, not only because of the dots, but because of the domino effect she had on things as a kitten.  Over the years, she gathered many friends  who wanted to see her each time they visited.  She would always make an appearance….at least if it suited her.

We are not sure exactly what her illness was, but we knew we had to let her go. We couldn’t try to hang on just because we weren’t ready.

domino-in-the-window-250.jpgOne of our favorite pictures of Domino is her draping off the fixture and looking out the window.  She could be seen there often…just waiting for your next visit to our shop.

If you have a pet, give them a big hug and appreciate all the joy they bring to your life.   If you don’t, consider sharing your life with one…it will be worth it.