Creations Says Farewell after 45 Years

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Kathy, Julie and all the staff at Creations in Kerrville, Texas have had the honor of helping customers find just the right sewing and quilting projects for over 45 years. We truly appreciate all of our wonderful customers and have tons of great memories.

In mid June of 2023 we announced that we would be closing the store and The Main House Retreat Center at the end of July.

We have now closed the store. Visit the main store site at to find details about the Liquidation Sale managed by Fitch Estate Sales which will be held the 3rd weekend in August 2023.

For now, we are leaving the blogs posts of this Creations’ Communications Blog, just in case you have them bookmarked. However, please know that any products mentioned are no longer available through us .


Domino will be remembered

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Domino with Fabric

Next time you visit Creations, you won’t find our “official greeter”.


Domino as a kitten.Domino had been here all of her 14 years and she will be missed. She appeared outside of the shop as a kitten.  She had that hair that stood up and those distinct polka dots. Domino was the name she got, not only because of the dots, but because of the domino effect she had on things as a kitten.  Over the years, she gathered many friends  who wanted to see her each time they visited.  She would always make an appearance….at least if it suited her.

We are not sure exactly what her illness was, but we knew we had to let her go. We couldn’t try to hang on just because we weren’t ready.



Domino in the window.One of our favorite pictures of Domino is her draping off the fixture and looking out the window.  She could be seen there often…just waiting for your next visit to our shop.

If you have a pet, give them a big hug and appreciate all the joy they bring to your life.   If you don’t, consider sharing your life with one…it will be worth it.