More Details — Anniversary Event March 31st and April 1st

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Read our previous post for all the pertinent details about our 39th Anniversary Event.

Warehouse behind Creations

This is the warehouse where we will hold our Anniversary event.  It is located just behind Creations on the corner lot.  Any parking place you would find in Creations’ parking lot would be very close.

If you were in the line last year, you will be very glad we have a new plan.  Remember, we are going to reserve a spot in line for the first 50 gals who pledge $50.00 to the Humane Society.  We won’t be taking any money, but rather you will write a check to The Humane Society of Kerrville so that you will have a record for tax purposes. This is all explained IN DETAIL in the previous post.


To get your spot in line, we will take e-mail only reservations beginning Monday, March 13th at 7am.  Just send us an email saying you want to be one of the first 50 and we will hold your spot. (  After the first 50 spots are reserved, we will take 50 more spots for $30.00.  We will limit the number in at one time to comply with the building occupancy.  Reservations for your spot in line will be only for Friday, March 31st.


Be sure and read the previous post to get all the details of how this is going to work.  There is no sense in repeating all the details.  We want to show you several of the items that will be included in the sale.

Ten needle embroidery machine
Ten needle embroidery machine


Our biggest item is the Brother PR1000 which is their ten needle embroidery machine.  This particular machine was our demo model used only in the shop with about a million stitches on it.  In the embroidery machine world, that is like new.

This machine comes with the Horn cabinet it is shown on. It includes hoops and bobbins. There are round hoops, rectangle hoops, and even a border hoop.  There is a set of “flat frames” for quick hooping.  There is also a large flat table that mounts to the machine for larger hoopings.

This is the perfect machine for someone who knows how to operate an embroidery machine as there are no lessons available. It would be perfect for someone who wanted to increase or start and embroidery business.

The retail value of the machine, hoops, cabinet is $22,000.

The price will be $9,000.  Remember, we are not taking credit cards at our warehouse sale and we will need cash or check.

Spool Cabinet
Clark’s Spool Cabinet
Coat's & Clark Spool Cabinet
Coat’s & Clark Spool Cabinet


We have two spool cabinets.  These wonderful cabinets won’t last long, so you will definitely want to be in that first 50 to have a chance at either one. The retail value of each is $2,200 with Creations’ price at $1,999.00.   At our warehouse sale we will offer these two spool cabinets at $800.00 each.




Horn Deluxe Chairs
Horn Deluxe Chairs

We have changed chairs again at The Main House so we are offering our Horn Deluxe Chairs at $95.00.  The new Horn Deluxe Chair retails for $375.00 so this is a great chance to have one of these chairs at an unbelievable bargain.  These chairs will be only one per family or household.  We want to give as many people as possible a chance to have one of them.

We hope you will put the dates for our sale on your calendar.  The items we have shown today are just a few “special” things.  We will, of course, have lots of fabric bundles, 1 yard cuts, fat quarters, and 3 yard cuts for those fabric lovers.



Our Anniversary Warehouse Event

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Long lines

If you were at our 38th Anniversary Sale and stood in this line, you’ll be happy to know…

this year we have a plan to help you avoid the long line!

You can reserve your spot in advance by making a donation to The Humane Society of Kerrville. Get the details below…

Creations’ 39th Anniversary Sale

March 31st and April 1st, 2017


We have great stuff for this sale and, as the date approaches, we will be sharing pictures and descriptions of what is available.  This is our first installment of items that will be in the sale.

You don’t have to wait in the long line. You can be in shopping while others wait outside. Humane Society donors get in early, in 2 shifts, depending on your donation amount. Read on for the details.

  • 8:45 for the first group of 50
  • 9:15 for the second group of 50
  • 9:30 for general admission  (Building occupancy limits will be observed)


How do I get to the front of the line?

This is how it will work this year:

1) You can reserve a spot in line for Friday, March 31st with a donation of $50.00 or $30.00 to The Humane Society of Kerrville. The first 50 people to pledge $50.00 will be in the first group. The second group will be made up of the 50 people who pledge $30.00.

  • You’ll pledge the amount in advance to reserve your spot in line.
  • You will present your check at the door made out to The Human Society of Kerrville.
  • This way we are out of the $$ and you will have a record of your donation.
  • You will be able to reserve your spot beginning Monday, March 13th at 7am.  Any reservations before that time cannot be considered. The only way to make a reservation is to send an e-mail to us at the address shown below: Be sure to include your name and phone number in your e-mail.  Tell us if you are pledging $50.00 or $30.00.  We can’t take phone calls, only e-mails so we will know the exact time they were received.  This way we can assign spots in line accurately. Each spot will be reserved with a separate e-mail.  We can’t take multiple sign-ups with one e-mail.creations-email-address-graphic


  • Remember, we can’t consider any reservations that are received before Monday, March 13th at 7am. This gives everyone an even chance.  Also, it is one sign-up per e-mail.   We will answer by e-mail if you are in one of the first groups, and your spot line.


2) Your donation amount will determine your position in line.

The first 50 spots will be reserved for a $50.00 donation each to The Humane Society of Kerrville. This is for Friday, March 31st only.

  • You will be assigned a number for entry according to the time we receive your pledge of $50.00.
  • We will have your name and number at the door and will collect your check at that time. (Have your check made out to The Humane Society of Kerrville)
  • These first 50 shoppers will have not only a head start in line, but will also have 15 minutes before we let in the next group.
  • We will have a “goodie” bag from Creations to help offset the donation amount.

The second group of 50 spots will be reserved for a $30.00 donation each to The Humane Society of Kerrville. The doors for this group will open at 9:15.

  • If you pledge $50.00 and don’t get in the first group, we will place you in the $30.00 group if there is room.  We will notify you of your spot and amount of donation.


  • For the rest of the day, we will limit entry to match those who are exiting so as not to overcrowd the building.


At our last sale we had over 400 people waiting in line. It got a bit crowded in the warehouse, to put it mildly!  This new approach will make it more fun for everyone and give you a great chance to help a wonderful organization.


What will be for sale?

We will be adding pictures of items that will be available for sale so that between now and March 13th you will have plenty of time to plan your strategy to be one of the first 100.

  • You will find several spool chests in our selection along with 2 free Elna sergers.  (To our knowledge, these are working models. The original MSRP on one of the models was $1999.00. Remember, they are on the free table.)
  • We will be offering 24 Horn Deluxe Chairs at $95.00 each.  These chairs are only 2 years old and used at The Main House.  They sell for $295.00, but at the warehouse sale these 24 chairs will be $95.00 each.  To make it fair for everyone, we will limit them to one per family.  That’s right, can’t bring your hubby to get you an extra!!.
  • We of course will have lots of 1yd cuts, 3yd cuts, fat quarters. remnants, scrap bags and bundles of fabric.
  • Our biggest item is a Brother PR1000 10 needle embroidery machine.  This machine has all the hoops, supporting table, and upgrades available to it.  The machine has less than a million stitches and was used only as a demonstrator.  With all the accessories included, the total MSRP is over $23,000.  We will have this machine available for $9,000.  There are no lessons included so it is perfect for someone who already knows embroidery, or has an embroidery business and wants another machine.  Remember, we cannot take credit cards at this sale, so it is cash or check only.
  • You will find finished quilts and models from the shop as well as a bunch of eclectic stuff.

 When can I make my donation to reserve my spot in line?

Remember, nothing happens until March 13th, at 7 am when reservations begin.  Come back often to see the new things we have added in additional posts.


Start saving your money!
  • We can only take cash or check… (To speed up the line, have your check dated and made out to Creations so you will only have to fill in the amount and sign it.)
  • No charge cards
  • No credit cards
  • No gift cards.
  • All of those can be handled in the shop, but not at the warehouse sale.
  • All items purchased at the warehouse must be paid for at the warehouse.



Creative Machine Classes at Creations

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Make this wallet using your embroidery machine
Make this wallet using your embroidery machine

We have managed to get ourselves a spot at The Main House to have two embroidery classes.

Join us on either Wednesday, January 4th or Thursday, January 5th for this one day class.  We will construct Rita’s Wallet on the Embroidery machine.  You will need an embroidery machine with a hoop size of at least 8″ to be able to make this bag.

If you have a Brother Dream Weaver or Dream Creator you can upgrade to an 8″ hoop. We can upgrade your machine for you.    This class would certainly be reason enough to do that.

The class fee is $60.00 and includes lunch at The Main House. The Wallet design is $35.00 and the fabric requirements are minimal.   We have the frames needed to complete it.  We also have the RFID fabric to make your wallet a very safe place to keep your credit cards. We will have the complete supply list at the time of registration.

Give us a call at 830-896-8088 to get your spot in either of these classes. Ask for Kathy, Julie or Elaine.   The doors open at 9am and class begins at 10:00.  As usual, Elaine and Kathy will be the instructors so there will be lots of help.

Our plan is to complete one wallet together in the morning and let you at least get started on your second one after lunch.  This is such a fun project that you won’t be able to stop with just one or two.



Wool Resides Here

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Wool applique on cotton
Wool Applique Quilt Kit

We have always loved wool and have carried it in our shop for all of our 39 years.  Now we admit that in the early years, it was yardage that we used for garment construction. We still have wool yardage, but it has been felted to use as backgrounds for applique, although it would be a great vest or jacket.

We have a wonderful selection of hand dyed wool.  We carry wool from Blackberry Primitives, Primitive Gatherings, Wooly Lady and Mary Flannagan.

Since hand dyed wool is expensive and you usually need small pieces for applique, you will find all kinds of sizes in our shop.  We have, of course, fat quarters.  That often is too much of a good thing so we have many smaller sizes.  You can find our rolls that are approx 7″ x 16″.  We then have pieces that are approximately 7″ x 8″.  Even those sizes can be too large so we have 5″ charm squares and even 3″ squares.  All of these can be individually purchased as well as some pre-packs.

We are often asked for the difference between “wool felt” and “felted wool”.  You will find only “felted wool” in our shop. Felted wool starts as a piece of wool fabric and then is washed and dried with heat to cause it to shrink.  Wool felt is a felt made with wool fibers, but it was never a piece of fabric. Wool felt is made from compressed fibers, that create the felt.  Wool felt is much stiffer than felted wool.  Rayon fibers are added to the wool felt to make it somewhat softer.  Wool felt is less expensive than felted wool.

Wool in pre-cut sizes
Wool in all sizes

Our felted wool has been hand dyed and laundered to make it ready for applique or rug hooking. It is much softer and thicker than wool felt.   We are a great source for all those small pieces to add to your wool stash.  We even have a package of wool called “Squares and Rectangles” which include small pieces of lots of colors. This is a real value for wool applique.

If you would like to take a look at our wool selection online, you can see it all at Wool Stuff.  If you would like to order the pictured quilt kit, you can go directly to Beauty All Around Quilt Kit.

We love wool and hope you will want to give it a try or enjoy adding to your selection.

We are excited to have coming a 60 color selection of wool thread from Sue Spargo.  We love to use wool thread for wool applique.  It blends into the wool with a whip stitch so that it is almost invisible.  You can then add all the embellishment stitches you would like.  The very best news is that these spools will contain 70 yards of thread.  The price will allow you to have a great selection of colors and not have to purchase the large spools that have nearly 400 yards and a price to match.  This thread won’t be in until late November, but we are already making room and will put it on line when we get it.


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