Sigfried Anderson Keefe, Artist
& Portrait Cat
"How do you do? I am Sigfried Anderson Keefe, and I am better than you are. I trained at the Sorbing -- that is in Paris, you probably did not know. One of my works hung in the Grand Salon of the Titanic -- Molly Brown tried to lash it to a lifeboat, but it was kicked overboard by a perfect cad of a fellow. I practiced my art for a time in St. Louis Square -- that is in New Orleans, for the uninitiated. My specialty was charcoal caricatures of tourists -- my dear, you simply would not believe what some of those tourists wore!!  
I've lived in Kerrville for a number of years now, where I am a revered advisor to several art groups. I strive daily to bring culture to the Guadalupe back-waters.
Here's one of my favorite subjects - Portrait Cat. Isn't she beautiful?  
And, of course, my portraits are beautiful too, don't you agree?

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