Thanks for joining us at Creations’ Communications. Here are answers to a few questions we think you might have about our blog.

How frequently will you post information?
Our goal is to keep you up to date on the new product arrivals as well as upcoming events and classes in the store. We’ll also let you know when new products have been placed in the online catalog on our website (at

How can I keep up with all of your preview postings?
An easy way is to bookmark this page and return frequently. However, blogging systems have several features that will make keeping up really easy, even if you can’t visit daily. First, the beauty of blogging systems is that the entries (called posts) appear in reverse-chronological order, meaning that the most recent entries will appear at the top of the page. The archives link at the right allows you to easily go back to previous entries, just click the name of the month and you’ll be shown a list of entries for that month as well as that month’s calendar. Note: Since we will be posting information about new product arrivals and upcoming events, we will often delete old posts when the products are no longer available or the events have passed.

Can I ask questions or make comments about posted items?
We welcome your comments and questions by phone or email. You can always send an e-mail to Creations with your question. Currently we are not allowing comments directly on the Creations’ Communications blog itself.

Happy blogging!

Kathy & Julie