The Stories of Creations'
Victorian Parlour Cats

We welcome you to visit our Victorian Parlour Cats and enjoy their poems, stories and pictures. They are eager to have their story told and have confided all their secrets to their Aunt Beverly Sullivan.

"Listen, my earthlings,
Whilst I whisper in your ear;
I do speak quite softly,
But I want you to hear.

Angelique Desiree. . . .
Yes, that is my name,
And up here in Heaven
I've gained quite much fame.

From my post by the pearly gates,
I watch over my brood;
I see to their welfare,
I gauge every mood.


I do wish to tell you
('Fore you go the next step),
You're just 'bout to meet cats
The likes not yet met.

Young Sam is our "least one",
But they chose him to be
The very first speaker,
Though quite young is he.

But each cat is special,
And has a story to tell,
So do pay attention,
And do listen well.

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Victorian Parlour Cats
What's that? You don't know who the Victorian Parlour Cats are? You might want to read The Tale of the Annual Gathering of The Victorian Parlour Cats before your read their individual stories.
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