Samuel Louis,
Guiseppe & Paulo
 "Hello, World! My name is Samuel Louis, and, except for the infants, I am the "least one" of our Victorian Parlour Cat family. It is therefore particularly special to me that the group chose me to tell my story first. I never knew my parents -- I was a foundling, discovered as a babe under the porch of From Our House To Yours. Having no parents of my own, I was raised by the others to work hard and to learn a trade.  Samuel Louis
I currently serve with pride as Apprentice Toymaker, helping Guiseppe and Paulo (below) to assemble surprises for good little boys and girls at Christmas. Someday, I hope to have my own assembly line, and would like to specialize in crafting Victorian-era mechanical toys. I just love children, when I'm not learning to make toys, I keep busy entertaining the kittens myself!
When you visit our new home, you will note several details.... particularly the woodwork in the new part... where Kathy and Julie asked me to lend my carpentry skills. Even though my training is in toymaking. Guiseppe and Paulo insisted that I be well-versed in all wood-working skills, so it was quite an honour for me to lend a hand in our beautiful new location."

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